UNESCO Biosphere Reserves as Learning Laboratories for Sustainability

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The network of UNESCO biosphere reserves across the Asia-Pacific region offers a unique opportunity for synthesizing experiences and sharing knowledge in response to the ramifications of climate change. This UNESCO masterclass will showcase the local and global value of Biosphere Reserves as learning laboratories for sustainability. It will highlight a series of projects and innovative ideas uniting the conservation of biological and cultural diversity.

This masterclass is a blended learning experience with immersive workshops occurring in Biosphere Reserves accompanied by lectures streamed live from this website. The initial modules focus on local issues exploring community engagement, partnerships and projects, while the concluding modules focus on global issues across the Asia-Pacific. The masterclass will introduce opportunities for knowledge sharing, virtual collaborations and the future possibilities of creative technology in responding to climate change.

The masterclass is appropriate for communities and managers of biosphere reserves across the Asia-Pacific and locations wishing to apply to become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is also appropriate for community leaders, students, artists and scientists with an interest in creative approaches to the conservation of biological and cultural diversity.

More Information: BiosphereLab.org