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Collaboration for Network-eNabled Education, Culture, Technology and Sciences

CONNECT-Asia E-learning Courses

UNESCO e-learning course: Energy for Sustainable Development in Asia

UNESCO Jakarta, in collaboration with Sustainable Energy and Environment (SEE) Forum, provides "Energy for Sustainable Development in Asia" course. This energy course is developed under COMprehensive Program to Enhance Technology, Engineering and ScienNCE Education (COMPETENCE) and will present Asian energy experts from Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, India, Malaysia and China.

The course will be broadcast through CONNECT-Asia partner networks (INHERENT-Indonesia, MYREN-Malaysia, PREGINET-the Philippines and SOI Asia-Japan) during February - April 2011 at 10.00 am to 12.00 pm (GMT+7). University/participants connected to our partner networks will receive the course through video conference. Meanwhile other participants could follow the lecture via live streaming. Please register your name to get enrolled. Certificate will be provided for the participants.

Details schedule can be downloaded here and as bellow:

Theme 1: Understanding of Sustainable Development
10-Feb Sustainable development, What are MDGs?
Prof. Hubert Gijzen, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Jakarta
16-Feb Energy access, linkage between energy and MDGs
Prof. Sivanappan Kumar, Asian Institute of Technology
Theme 2: Current Energy Situation and Needs to Transform Toward Sustainable System
17-Feb Current energy situation, Resources and future energy scenarios
Prof. Sivanappan Kumar, Asian Institute of Technology
22-Feb Gender perspective
Ms. Christina Aristanti, Dian Desa
23-Feb Social and environmental cost, Ethics and behavioral change issues
Prof. Tetsuo Tezuka, Kyoto University
Theme 3: Current (Conventional) Energy Technologies
01-Mar Technology and applications (pros and cons of technology options):
Nuclear power generation; Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki, Kyoto University
Fossil fuel power generation; Prof. Harwin Saptoadi, Gadjah Mada University
02-Mar Status of conventional energy technologies
Prof. P. Ravindra, University Malaysia Sabah
Theme 4: Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency technologies:
03-Mar Sector wise opportunities in Japan and Asia
Prof. Keiichi Ishihara, Kyoto University
08-Mar Sector wise opportunities in China and Asia
Prof. Yanjia Wang, Tsinghua University
Theme 5: Renewable Energy
10-Mar Renewable energy technology
Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki, Kyoto University
15-Mar Renewable energy technology - Bioenergy
Prof. V.K. Vijay, Indian Institute of Technology
17-Mar Prof. Xi Wenhua, UNIDO International Solar Energy Center for Technology Promotion and Transfer (tbc)
22-Mar Support strategies to promote renewable energy (policy), Renewable energy as a tool to empower community
Dr. Bundit Fungtammasan, the Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment
Theme 6: Sustainable Energy Policy and Development
24-Mar Local/national/global policies
Prof. Low Seow Chay, Nanyang Tech University
29-Mar Renewable energy policy at national and local levels: frameworks and examples
Dr. Eric Martinot, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies Tokyo
31-Mar Stakeholder engagement
Prof. Low Seow Chay, Nanyang Tech University
Theme 7: Case Studies
05-Apr Good practices (policy, technology innovation, public participations) and lessons learned
Prof. V.K. Vijay, Indian Institute of Technology
07-Apr (title tbc)
Prof. Kamaruddin Abdullah, Dharma Persada University
Dr. Dadan, Ministry of Energy, Indonesia (tbc)