Welcome to this online introduction package to UNESCO Global Geoparks!

During this course, you will learn:

  • What is a UNESCO Global Geopark
  • What are the application criteria to the nomination of UNESCO Global Geopark
  • What is the application process to become a UNESCO Global Geopark

The package is a concise introduction to review definitions and procedures related to UNESCO Global Geoparks.

It  is organised  in two lessons followed by a quiz after each lesson. This will allow you to assess your level of understanding of what a UNESCO Global Geopark is and the journey for a territory to become one.

There will be a training course in Oki  Islands UNESCO Global Geopark from 27-30 May 2018. The statistics on the performance to the quizzes will be valuable information to assess the regional understanding of UNESCO Global Geoparks . The selection process will stop on 16 March 2018.

This online introduction package is part of an effort to raise the capacity of  Asia and the Pacific region to establish UNESCO Global Geoparks and is co-developed by UNESCO Regional Science Bureau for Asia and the Pacific in Jakarta, UNESCO IGGP Secretariat and the Japanese Geoparks Network and supported by the Japanese Funds in Trust.

Thank you very much again for your interest!

Let’s get started!

Contact, answers and information provided in this package will not be shared with any third party outside the UNESCO network.

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The passing rate for quiz 1& quiz 2 is 80%.

Once both quizzes are passed, a certificate can be printed.



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