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RIIS 4 - AIST Japan

UPDATE: The documentation video of the RIIS IV session with AIST is now available here in Connect Asia's e-learning archive site. It is divided into three parts:

Other documentation and videos of other sessions of RIIS are also available here: http://e-learning.connect-asia.org/course/view.php?id=18

Hope you enjoy it, and see you in RIIS V! :)

First of all, Happy New Year 2013 to you all!
We wish you a successful and prosperous year ahead.

For the first event in 2013, we are resuming our Research Institutes Introduction Session (RIIS). This month, the 4th session of RIIS will feature The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan.

Date: Thursday, January 31, 2013 
Time: 12:30-14:00 (Jakarta time GMT+7) >> click here to see the time in your local time
Speaker: Dr. Kinya Sakanishi, Supervisory Innovation Coordinator, Representative of Research Core for Asia Biomass Energy.

Headquarters of AIST are located in Tsukuba and Tokyo.  AIST has over 40 autonomous research units in various innovative research fields, and the units are located at nine research bases and several sites (smaller than research bases) of AIST all over Japan.  About 2400 researchers and thousands of visiting scientists, post-doctoral fellows, and students from home and abroad are working at AIST.   

AIST was ranked 9th in “Top 20 Japanese Research Institutions for All Field 2001-2011” announced on April 17, 2012, by Thomson Reuters. 

In this session with AIST, we will have:
1. Introduction of AIST, including support for foreign researchers,
2. Introduction of research activities of AIST in the field of energy and environment,
3. Bio-mass in Asia.

Use this form to register to RIIS!

How to join the session:
- Through video conference facility, 
- Through live-streaming website by SOI Asia

Please contact Marlin (ml.tambowon[at]unesco.org) if you are interested to join through video conference.

We are looking forward to your participation!

*For information regarding Sessions of RIIS, refer to this article: Up Next: Research Institutes Introduction Session (RIIS)!